Thursday, 10 March 2011

From A Past Notebook

Note for Stage Management

Red on top of blue.
White hanky folded square
on top.

What is in the blue &
should be shredded.

On The Ashcloud

The invisible ash, the hook in the sky, all continent condensed in a hot stream of ash ...[?] pulling asunder,, rendering,, [?] the breaking bridge to the unseen world. Images of women. Writing the unseen. Writing it out of me, the earth, the soil-noise, the not-silence, in favour of horses chanting etcetera. No word for the lady [of McDonalds] who, looking, over the bench where the ketchup squeezing, refilling, misuse of the ketchup [happens, she says:] "don't hit it please, don't hit, do this like this, hold your cup [she demonstrates] fill it full." etc...

Frozen, Mid-crossing

there are Lions and Tigers and
Prehistoric Men with
their Roughly Hewn
Tools and Small
Inkling of the
And they're Down there
on the Sea Floor
Still in the Dogger Mountains

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  1. "horses chanting etcetera" should be the name of a collection of short stories

    I want to see this play